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Apply now for the newest job openings at ManPower Canada.


The Manpower Group is a global conglomerate that specializes in personnel management. The corporation has over 3,600 locations in 80 countries and has been in Spain for almost 30 years. Find out more about joining the team in the sections below. Manpower is a renowned temp and recruitment firm that specializes on human resources.

With the objective of delivering comprehensive solutions for organizations and establishments that need to locate, manage, and grow talent in our country, the company is continually looking to diversify its workforce and increase the performance of its team.


Manpower Canada is one of the country’s largest employment agencies, with a good working environment for its employees.Teamwork, good task organization, and friendly competitiveness are all encouraged at the corporation.

The Manpower Group has offices in Adelaide, Brisbane, Canberra, Dandenong, Gosford, Hobart, Melbourne, Parramatta, Perth, and Sydney, among other cities around Australia. Transition Services, Outsourcing, Recruitment and Selection, Outplacement, RPO, Outsourcing, Diversity and Inclusion, and others are among the Human Resources Services offered by Manpower.

In each service, the company assists its clients with whatever is required to save time spent on personnel management and costs while locating the best qualified personnel for the jobs they require.


ManpowerGroup® (NYSE: MAN) is a leading worldwide workforce solutions provider that assists businesses in optimizing their workforce and adapting to the changing world of work. Furthermore, Manpower pays well and comes highly recommended by its officials. Manpower, Talent Solutions, and Experis are the specialized brands in charge of developing excellent talent for the numerous partner firms as well as candidates and clients in more than 80 countries and territories. The collective has over 70 years of experience. Interested? The following are some of the most recent job openings from the Manpower Group:

  • Solar Power Engineer Manpower Alberta — Edmonton, AB
  • Coordinator — Turnaround — Edmonton, AB
  • Instrumentation Designer — Red Deer, AB
  • Supply Chain Trainee Manpower Alberta — Red Deer, AB · Full-time
  • Drywall Installer Drywall Manpower Ltd. — Calgary, AB · Full-time
  • Human Resources Business Partner — Calgary, AB · Full-time
  • Architect (Salesforce CPQ) — Toronto, ON · Full-time
  • Carpenters, Skilled And General — Ottawa, ON · Full-time
  • Production Assistant — Kitchener, ON · Full-time
  • Assistant Compounders-Estee Lauder — Scarborough, ON · Full-time
  • Facility Migration (Move) Consultants — Toronto, ON · Full-time, and more.

The Manpower Group was been awarded one of Fortune’s Most Admired Companies for the 17th year in a row, reaffirming the company’s position as one of the most trusted names in the people management sector. Visit the company’s career portal and go to the job section to learn more about the available positions in Canada. To make your job search easier, go to the website and select the desired role, location, or job type. Best of luck!

Source: manpower.ca | Images: glassdoor.fr/ prace-job.webtrh.cz